At first glance the sections for two simultaneous instruments look harder than they actually are. As a saxophonist myself, I have a feeling the embouchure challenge is harder than the fingering.

In the 1st system that uses two instruments, the alto stays on open C# so both hands are available for soprano fingering.

Jumping down the page to the 2nd system that involves two instruments, both instruments can play LH only by using the palm-key fingerings for D and D# in the soprano.

On the next system, bottom of p6 of the solo part, the alto uses regular LH fingering; the soprano uses the D# palm fingering, and for the low F#, the alto has C# at that point, so the RH is available for the soprano fingering.

For the top of page 7, the same solutions also apply, as the soprano's F# is needed only when the alto is on C#.

Best wishes,

Daniel Dorff - VP, Publishing
Theodore Presser Company