Saxophone Secrets


1 Saxophones, Mouthpieces, and Equipment Strategies
Secret 1: Selecting a Saxophone
Secret 2: Selecting a Classical Saxophone Mouthpiece
Secret 3: Selecting a Jazz Saxophone Mouthpiece
Secret 4: Customizing a Saxophone Mouthpiece
Secret 5: Mouthpiece Cushions
Secret 6: Selecting a Saxophone Ligature
Secret 7: Palm Key Risers
Secret 8: Selecting a Saxophone Neck Strap

2 Reed Strategies
Secret 9: Selecting Reeds
Secret 10: Breaking in Reeds
Secret 11: Adjusting Reeds
Secret 12: The Reed Sealing Test
Secret 13: Reed Storage
Secret 14: Rotating Reeds
Secret 15: Reviving Dead Reeds

3 Embouchure Strategies
Secret 16: Forming a Correct Embouchure
Secret 17: Determining Proper Embouchure Pressure
Secret 18: Determining Proper Mouthpiece Placement
Secret 19: Causes of a Sore Lip
Secret 20: Making a Temporary Cover for the Lower Teeth
Secret 21: Making a Permanent Cover for the Lower Teeth

4 Tone Strategies
Secret 22: Breathing Exercises
Secret 23: Finding the Optimum Tongue Position
Secret 24: Playing with an Open Throat
Secret 25: Developing Throat Flexibility
Secret 26: Overtone Exercise for Improving Tone
Secret 27: Developing Vibrato

5 Articulation Strategies
Secret 28: Chromatic Tonguing Exercise
Secret 29: Double and Triple Tonguing
Secret 30: The Bouncing Tongue Exercise

6 Finger Technique Strategies
Secret 31: Chromatic Alternate Fingerings
Secret 32: Alternate B_ Fingerings
Secret 33: Holding Down the Pinky Fingers
Secret 34: Forked E and F
Secret 35: Developing Finger Speed
Secret 36: Using the Metronome

7 Altissimo Strategies
Secret 37: Overtone Exercise for Developing the Altissimo Register
Secret 38: Altissimo Technique Fingerings
Secret 39: Altissimo Finger Exercises

8 Extended Technique Strategies
Secret 40: Circular Breathing
Secret 41: Slap Tonguing
Secret 42: Flutter Tonguing
Secret 43: Multiphonics

9 Jazz Techniques
Secret 44: The Straight Lip Embouchure
Secret 45: Sub-Toning
Secret 46: Swinging
Secret 47: Back-Accent Tonguing
Secret 48: Half Tonguing
Secret 49: Ghosted Notes
Secret 50: Growling
Secret 51: Split Tones
Secret 52: The Texas Wobble
Secret 53: The Cannonball Trill
Secret 55: Overtone Fingerings for Timbre Changes
Secret 56: Using the Metronome in a Jazz Swing Style

10 Traveling Strategies
Secret 57: Saxophone Gig Bags and Cases
Secret 58: Items to Keep in the Saxophone Case
Secret 59: Boarding Flights with a Saxophone
Secret 60: Practice and Performance Tips

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