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(Updated 28 March 2020)

This page contains items which are offered for sale at a discount. Nearly all are new but the majority have shipping damage, while some of the rest were stored improperly or have paper or other defects. There is only one of each item unless indicated otherwise. They are subject to prior sale. Please contact us if you need more information. Our regular shipping terms apply.

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Music (Note: Most of the damage on these items is equivalent to a student carrying it around for a few weeks)


B162x: Introduction et polonaise for Bassoon and Piano by Jules Demersseman edited by Alexandre Ouzounoff. Billaudot, 2012, SS, 11 + 4 pages. Bassoonist Alexandre Ouzounoff has arranged and edited 19th-century flutist Jules Demersseman’s Introduction et Polonaise for solo bassoon and piano. For intermediate to advanced players (rated a 6 on the publisher's 9 step scale). Duration of about 8:30.

New copy with shipping damage to the bottom left corner. $6.00 off regular price.
B163x: Solo pour le basson for Bassoon and Piano by Hyacinthe Klose edited by Alexandre Ouzounoff. Billaudot, 2012, SS, 11 + 4 pages. Hyacinthe Klosé (1808-1880) was a French clarinetist, professor at the Conservatoire de Paris, and composer. This is a sectional piece with several short cadenzas. The main sections are: Allegro vivo, Andante cantabile, Allegro and Allegro leggiero. It is rated a 7 on the publisher's 9 step difficulty scale. Duration of about 7:00.

New copy with shipping damage to the top right corner. $6.00 off the regular price.

C1678: 18 Advanced Etudes for the Clarinet by Paul Jeanjean edited by Charles Neidich. Lauren Keiser Music Publishing, 2010, SS, 64 pages + 2 CDs. Jeanjean provided wonderfully detailed directions for his etudes. Charles Neidich has, by and large, left what he has written and have only brought Jeanjean's notation more into accord with modern conventions; e.g. that accidentals within a measure generally do not transpose octaves. This edition's notes at the end of the book explain the various modern chords and scales (augmented chords, 9th chords, whole tone scales for instance) he used in each of his etudes. It also includes a page of useful fingerings and a page of French musical terms. The noteworthy feature of this edition is the recording of Charles Neidich's performance of the etudes. Rather than clutter Jeanjean's already expressively notated scores with still more markings, the recording offers, as a window into the modern, yet romantic style of the etudes and as models of the kind of performance to which the student should aspire.

This is a new copy. The second CD is incorrect. Instead of having Etudes 16-18 it has 24 Cavallini Caprices. $10.00 off.
C147x: Advanced Studies from Julius Weissenborn Adapted for Alto and Bass Clarinets by William E. Rhoads. Southern Music Company, SS, 28 pages. Thirty-four studies adapted from Weissenborn bassoon studies.

This copy made a round trip through the mail. Only has a bit of flexing on the spine and the lower right corner is dog-eared.
C146x: The Advancing Clarinetist by Leon Lester. Carl Fischer, 1972, SS, 32 pages. "Etudes Freely Adapted from the Masters" such as Weissenborn, Lazarus, etc. Suitable for second or third year students.

New copy with a fold on the front cover near the spine. The rest of the book is fine. $4.00 off the current price.
C2614x: Charon (1994-95) for Bass Clarinet Solo by Richard Barrett. United Music Publishing Ltd, 1995, SB, 6 oversize pages. Richard Barrett (1959-) is a British composer of mostly chamber, vocal and electroacoustic works that have been performed throughout Europe and elsewhere. This is a complex solo piece. There is a full page of explanation of the markings. It includes fractional tones, some multiphonics, as well as articulation and embouchure effects and at least one low D. The duration is about 10 minutes. Click here to observe a performance.

New copy with defects at the top of the right side. Completely usable. $7.00 off the regular price.
C2703x: Weber Concerto No. 1 in F Minor Op. 73 by Carl Maria von Weber arranged for Clarinet and String Quartet by Michael Drapkin. Drapkin Music Publications, 2019, SS, includes parts and score. This edition enables the concerto which is for clarinet and orchestra to be played by a small ensemble.

New copy with a very small water stain on the top left corner which is mostly on the cover. $5.00 off the regular price.
C2281x: Czardas for Clarinet Quintet by Vittorio Monti arranged by Béla Kovács. EditionDarok, 1994, SS, includes parts and score. This is for 4 B-flat clarinets (alternate basset horn on the 4th part) and bass clarinet. The first clarinet part has nearly all of the melody. You can listen to a short excerpt which doesn't quite start at the beginning here. Click on the sheet music cover image to view the first page of the score.

The cover of this copy has a fold near the bottom right cover. $4.00 off the regular price.
M3211x: Easy Solos for Clarinet, Trumpet or Tenor Sax. Music Minus One/Hal Leonard, SS, Accompaniment: Harriet Wingreen, piano. A wide-ranging collection of pieces for the beginning clarinetist with piano accompaniment, suitable for roughly first through third year of study. Audio is accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right. Note: There is no sample of clarinet performance. Includes: Beautiful Isle of Somewhere, To a Wild Rose (arrangement with piano accompaniment), Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two), Sweet Rosie O'Grady, Pomp and Circumstance, Mighty Lak' a Rose, Kentucky Babe, Battle Hymn of the Republic, After the Ball, Santa Lucia, Red River Valley, Kathleen Mavourneen, America, the Beautiful, Hatikvoh (The Hope), American Patrol, The Band Played On, I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby, In Old Madrid, 'O Sole Mio!, La Paloma, La Spagnola, La Cumparsita, Adios Muchachos, El Choclo, O Promise Me, Because, The Rosary, Just A-wearyin' for You, I Love You Truly, Die Lustige Witwe (The Merry Widow), 'Vilja', The Holy City, The Fortune Teller: 'Gypsy Love Song', Marche Slave, Martha: 'Ah, So Pure' ('Ach, so Fromm'), Eili, Eili, Who Is Sylvia?, Grieg Piano Concerto Op. 16 (Main Theme), Song of India, Serenade, Finlandia, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor Op. 18 (Theme), Für Elise, Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu Op. 66 (theme), Mexican Hat Dance, and The Glow Worm.

There have been printing problems with this book. This is a brand new copy but the pages are in the wrong order although everything is present. $5.00 off the regular price.

C1151x: The Easy Winners for Clarinet Quartet by Scott Joplin arranged by Terry Kenny. EditionDarok, SS. This is for 4 B-flat clarinets but the 4th part should work fine on bass clarinet. A Joplin favorite.
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This copy made a round trip through the mail and has a dent in the middle. Completely usable. $5.00 off the regular price.
C251x: Four Pieces (Vier Stücke) for Clarinet and Piano Op. 5 by Alban Berg. Universal Edition, 1924, SS, 10 + 10 pages. Two complete parts in score format. This piece was written in 1913. Dr Heim wrote that it has a certain romanticism mixed with its atonality and is probably the best work in the repertoire in this style of writing. The clarinet part has flutter-tonguing and is rhythmically difficult.
Kalman Bloch Principal Clarinetist,Clarinet XXth Century Vol. 2.The Art of the Clarinet - Schmidl
This copy made a round trip through the mail and has a some minor defects. Completely usable. $7.00 off the regular price.
C754x: Weber Grand Duo Concertant Op. 48 for Clarinet and Piano by Carl Maria von Weber edited by Knut Holtsträter. Schott, 2005, SS, 48 + 12 pages. A new and very nice edition of this work. It includes notes on the sources and editing in German and English. The editor describes this edition as "pre-Baermann."

This copy was damaged in shipping and is in worse shape than most of the items here. The back cover is dirty and has a tear at top left that also affects the last page of the piano part. The cover of the clarinet part is dirty and right edge of several pages is also dirty. Still usable. $12.00 off the regular price.
C2154x: In a Deep Funk Dance Set for solo Bass Clarinet by Daniel Dorff. Theodore Presser Co., 1997/2014, SS, 8 pages. Already a long-standing rite of passage in the contrabassoon repertoire, Dorff has revisited and adapted In A Deep Funk for solo bass clarinet (or contralto or contrabass clarinet), for Barbara Haney to premiere at the 2014 ICA ClarinetFest. In the spirit of Bach cello suites, Dorff develops characteristic dance rhythms to drive each movement. The subtitles tell it all: Hustle Misterioso, Twist Variations, Bear Hug (a slow 12/8 ballad), and Funk Scherzo. A low C instrument is required for this piece. For advanced performers with a duration of about 14 mintues. Click on the cover image to view selected pages from the score.
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This copy  was shipped to us in a flimsy envelope and has some bends. Completely usable.

C2618x: Snowflakes for Clarinet and Harp by Edward Cowie. United Music Publishing Ltd., 2008, SS, 6 + 3 pages. Edward Cowie (1943-) is an English composer, author, natural scientist, and painter. He spent most of his early life in the rural countryside. This first-hand experience of nature has a profound influence on his life and work. Most of this piece is in 3/8 but there are some 5/16 bars and a few that are 2/8. The tempo is eighth note = 120 at the beginning and the end with a section in the middle that is eighth note = 88. College level with some flutter tonguing. Click on the cover image to view the first page of the clarinet part.
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New copy with defects at the right top corner. Completely usable. $4.00 off the regular price
C2617x: Sonata for Bass Clarinet and Piano by Matt Smith. United Music Publishing, 2016, SS, 24 + 6 pages. Matt Smith (1984-) is an English composer and flutist. The composer wrote, "While on tour in Italy in January 2007, I was asked by a clarinet player named Lindsey Iles to write her a piece for Bass Clarinet and Piano. A three movement sonata [1. Con moto, 2. Lento, and 3. Vivo] then followed and Lindsey performed the piece as part of her M.Mus bass clarinet recital in the summer of 2007." There is a brief section on the second movement with optional 8vb that goes into the extended range. College level. Click on the cover image to view the first page of the bass clarinet part.

New copy with defects at the right top corner. Completely usable. $5.00 off the regular price.
C1723x: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano by William Alwyn. Boosey & Hawkes, 1963, SS, 25 + 7 pages. William Alwyn (1905-1985) was an English composer who studied at the Royal Academy where he later joined the faculty. He composed symphonies, oratorios and concertos, but was most successful as a composer for films. This sonata is a multi-sectional work in one movement (duration 12:00). Prof. Heim has written that the style is highly romantic, but dissonance is used for emphasis. While writing for clarinet is lyric; there are also periods of technical flourish and climax. The work requires great breath endurance and excellent finger dexterity and is suggested for mature performers.

New copy with partially dog eared right top corner. $3.00 off the regular price.
C2137x: Studie for Clarinet by Gaetano Donizetti with piano accompaniment by Bela Kovacs. EditionDarok, 2014, SS, 12 + 4 pages. This is the same piece as Studio Primo (C1255) with the addition of a piano accompaniment. It was written by Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848) in 1821 as he was completing his studies. It is believed that the composer was influenced by Paganini's Etude for Solo Violin which had been published the year before as well as other virtuoso Paganini works. Advanced high school/early college level. Duration about 4:45.
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New copy with a somewhat crinkled top right corner.  $6.00 off regular price.
C126x: Velocity Studies - Advanced by Kalman Opperman. Carl Fischer, 1998, SS, 48 pages. Dedicated to Larry Combs. Twenty-six technical studies.

New copy with a tear on the back cover at the bottom right corner. All of the inside pages and the front cover are fine.
F177x: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (Piano Reduction) by Morton Gould. G. Schirmer, 1985, SS, 79 + 27 pages. Commissioned for Donald Peck, Sir George Solti, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and premiered in 1985. Four movements: Rhapsodic, Elegiac Variations, Intermezzo, and Rondo (Finale). Duration is about 34 minutes and the orchestral parts are available as a rental.

Very minor damage to top right corner.  $10.00 off regular price.
F247x: Handel Three Sonatas for Flute (or Violin) and Basso continuo edited and realization of the continuo by Waldemar Woehl. C.F. Peters. Includes a play-along CD of the accompaniment to the solo part. This edition includes Sonata in E minor HWV 359b, Sonata in G major HWV 363b, and Sonata in B minor (Fitzwilliam Sonata III) HWV 367b. Parts for the cello (or viola da gamba) and harpsichord (or piano) are included.

New copy with a scuff on the bottom right corner (see photo). Otherwise perfect. $7.00 off regular price.
F192x: Mozart Concerto in G major for Flute and Orchestra KV 313 Piano reduction edited by Franz Giegling. Baerenreiter (BA 4854a), 2003. This publication is based on Giegling's edition as found in the New Mozart Edition (NMA V/14/3). It includes a preface, brief notes on the editing, and an easy to play keyboard reduction.

This is a new undamaged copy, but with only the piano part.
F123x: Practice Book for the Flute Book 1 Tone CD Edition by Trevor Wye. Novello, SS, 43 pages. Here you will find tone exercises (harmonics, low register, middle register, high register), gnomes, tone color, breath control, flexibility, pitch control, and examples from the repertoire that illustrate the concepts taught in this book.

New copy with CD removed which makes it the same as the edition without the CD which sells for $13.95.
F134x: Sonata Rubata for Flute and Piano by Steven Harlos. Southern Music Co., 2004, SS, 35 + 12 pages. Composed over a period of about four years, the title means "stolen sonata," a reference to the numerous quotes that occur along the way. If desired, the opening portion of the second movement may be played on alto flute instead of C flute (both parts are shown) and the final portion of the last movement on piccolo.

New copy with very minor shipping damage to the left side corners. $3.00 off regular price of $14.95.
Recorder Sold Out


Ob101x: Complete Oboe Method by Apollon Marie-Rose Barret. Boosey & Hawkes, PB, 220 pages. This is the "original" edition of this work. It includes introductory material, scale studies and some exercises not included in the Schuring edition but is not as easy to read. Both editions include Twelve Articulation Exercises, Forty Progressive Melodies, Four Sonatas, and Sixteen Grand Studies. This book also includes two Air Varies.

This copy has an unusual printing defect. Starting about page 68, the left pages have a light vertical light smear which is generally around the left edge of the staff. It does not detract from the readability of the music. $12.00 off the regular price of $37.95.
C1731x: Quartet in E-flat major Op. 8 No. 4 for Clarinet (0boe), Violin, Viola and Violoncello by Carl Stamitz. Breitkopf (Musica Rara), 1958/2000, (includes all parts, but no score). This quartet was first published in 1785 and was written while Stamitz was in Paris. In three movements: Allegro, Andante, Allegro and relatively short (the parts are mostly three pages long). Suitable for advanced high school, early college and adult amateurs.

New copy with shipping damage to the bottom left corner. Completely usable. $6.00 off the regular price of $18.95.

S780x: 2 Memorials for Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet by Mark-Anthony Turnage. Schott, 2001, SS, 3 pages. British composer Mark-Anthony Turnage (1960-) is one of the most admired and widely performed composers of his generation. The first piece, Trier, is in memory of Stephen Trier (1930-1999) a  British orchestral clarinet and saxophone performer and writer. It is marked Freely (mm=100) and changes meter almost every measure. The second piece, Memorial, is marked Expressive and free (mm=56-60) is without a time signature. Early college level with an overall duration of 5 minutes. Here is a video.
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New copy with shipping damage to the bottom left corner. $4.00 off.
S204x: 27 Melodious & Rhythmical Exercises for Saxophone or Oboe by J.L. Small. Carl Fischer, 1928, SS, 43 pages. Intermediate level.

This book has an unusual curved indentation on the top right mostly on the cover. It really doesn't cause any problems. $4.00 off the current price.
S1205x: Basic Technique for All Saxophones by Jack Snavely. Kendor Music Inc., 1970, SB, 82 pages. The book presents scale and chord based exercises in all major and minor keys. It prepares students for complete technical mastery of the instrument. Click on the cover image to view two sample pages.

New copy with a small hole in the back cover and an indentation on the 10 or so pages that were immediately under it. $5.00 off.

/ / S1007x: Un long voyage for Alto (or Soprano or Tenor) Saxophone and Piano by Pascal Proust. Billaudot, 2014, SS, 6 + 2 pages. Pascal Proust (1959-) is a French composer and hornist. This is a sectional piece in two keys and many tempos. It includes a short cadenza. It is is suitable for festival use and is rated as grade 3 on the publisher's 9 point scale. Parts for both E-flat and B-flat saxophones are included. The duration is about 4:30. Click on the cover image to view the second page of the score part (the tempo is Allegro moderato at this point).
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This is a new copy which is a sample (Hommage). $4.00 off.

S138x: Tableaux de Provence for Saxophone and Piano by Paule Maurice. Editions Henry Lemoine, 1990, SS, 32 + 12 pages. Paule Maurice (1910-67) was a French music educator and composer. This suite of five pieces for alto saxophone were inspired by her holidays in Provence and are dedicated to Marcel Mule. It was premiered in 1958 by Jean-Marie Londeix with the Orchestre Symphonique Brestois under the direction of her husband and fellow composer, Pierre Lantier. The pieces are Farandole des Jeunes Filles, Chanson pour ma Mie, La Bohemienne, Des Alyscamps l'Ame Soupire, and Le Cabridanese. College level.
A la française - Claude DelangleMoving Along - Harvey PittelJean-Marie Londeix - PortraitThe French Saxophone - Pekka SavijokiUnder the Sign of the Sun - DelangleRun, Sing, Fly - Sarah Markham, saxophone
A new copy but missing the saxophone part.
S433: Saxophon by James Rae. Universal Edition, SS, 72 pages. A beginning method that is entirely in German. It includes lots of popular melodies and doesn't move too fast. There is even a small introduction to jazz playing. New. List price is $23.95  
S158x: Sicilienne for Alto Saxophone and Piano by Pierre Lantier. Alphonse Leduc, 1944, SS, 6 + 2 pages. Pierre Lantier (1910-1998) was a French composer who won the Prix de Rome in 1937. This piece starts in E-flat moves to A and then back to the original key with plenty of accidentals to challenge the better high school or early college performer.
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New copies with rust on staples (no staples in the saxophone part). Otherwise excellent. The current price is $19.15.
S1155x: Something Nice (Version 1) for Saxophone Quartet (SATB) by Alan Lawson. Alan W. Lawson, 2015, SB, includes parts and score. This original tune is a nice sounding rock ballad (mostly mm=88). It has short solo passages for all players and a double-time rock canon. Click on the cover image to view the first three pages of the score.

This is a brand new copy. At my suggestion the composer is changing the name to Something Nicer. All the notes are the same but this original version is $10.00 off.
S842x: Sonate en Ré for Two Saxophones by Jean-Marie Leclair adapted by Jean-Marie Londeix. Leduc, 1969, SS, 7 pages (2 copies in score format). Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764) was a Baroque violinist and composer. Range to altissimo F-sharp. These pieces will work well for soprano saxophones (and probably clarinets or flutes, too). Early college level.

New copy with rust on the staples. Otherwise excellent. The current price is $19.35.
S631: When ... for Soprano Saxophone and Strings (Piano Reduction) by Pietro Tagliaferri and Massimo Berzolla. Edizioni Eufonia, SS, 8 + 2 pages. Pietro Tagliaferri is an Italian saxophonist and clarinetist, composer, media consultant and producer. This is an original work for saxophone and string orchestra. While entirely at a tempo of mm=84 (in 3/4), it begins and ends with lyrical sections, while the middle is sixteenth notes based. The publisher's web site says there are jazz influences, but they appear to be subtle. We can get the string parts which would be about $75. Click on the cover image to view the first page of the saxophone part.

This is the only copy of this piece we have in stock and it was damaged in shipping. It has a crease near the top right corner. $6.00 off the regular price of $23.95.
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Through an error we received PAL versions of these Videos. They are not for US TVs. NEW. $3.00 off regular price of $9.95.

FV01: Ultimate Beginner Series: Flute Vol. 1 with Elizabeth Rowe. VHS-PAL format, Color, 1998. Time 38 minutes. This video covers assembling the flute, parts of the instrument, the proper way to hold the flute, and tips on breathing, forming the embouchure, and producing a sound. It continues with the first three notes of a one-octave scale and some basic music theory.
FV02: Ultimate Beginner Series: Flute Vol. 2 with Elizabeth Rowe. VHS-PAL format, Color, 1998. Time 34 minutes. This video briefly reviews topics covered in Vol. 1 then continues with the rest of the one octave scale, additional music theory, warming up, tonguing, vibrato, and proper tuning methods.

Bindings:  HB: Hard Bound,  PB: Perfect Bound (paperback with square spine),  SS: Saddle Stitch (paper, folded and stapled),  SB: Spiral Bound (plastic or metal)