Cambridge Companion to the Orchestra


1. The history of the orchestra Tim Carter and Erik Levi
2. The development of musical instruments Robert Barclay
3. The orchestral repertory Peter Laki
4. From notation to sound Richard Rastall
5. The art of orchestration Julian Rushton
6. The history of direction and conducting Jeremy Siepman
7. International case studies Jon Tolanski
8. The revival of historical instruments Colin Lawson
9. Recording the orchestra John Rushby-Smith
10. Training the orchestral musician Simon Channing
11. The life of an orchestral musician Clive Gillinson and Jonathan Vaughan
12. Historical recordings of orchestras Robert Philip
13. The orchestral composer Robert Saxton
14. Educational programmes Sue Knussen
15. The future of the orchestra Stephen Cottrell. Appendix 1. The constitution of selected orchestras
Appendix 2. Orchestras founded in the nineteenth century
Appendix 3. Orchestras founded in the twentieth century.