Clarinet Videos

(Updated 13 August 2018)

DVD010: Learn to Play Klezmer Music - Improvising in the Tradition (DVD) taught by Andy Statman. Homespun Tapes, 2006 (DVD edition), NTSC, 80 minutes, includes small booklet of music. Andy Statman discusses the background, techniques and stylistic nuances needed to perform klezmer correctly – regardless of the instrument you play. Andy teaches typical klezmer tunes, playing each one slowly and unornamented, then demonstrating how trills, slurs, grace notes, vibrato and other variations “bring out the heart that's inside the melody.” You'll learn connecting runs, classic endings, “dangerous” ornaments to avoid, and the rhythmic underpinning of this vital music. Andy then performs each tune on clarinet, accompanied by Zev Zions on accordion. Songs: Purim niggun, Moshe Emes (Breslev niggun), Meron niggun, and The Old Sher. We no longer carry this DVD. You can order it here from Amazon.
DVD002: Ultimate Beginner Series: Clarinet DVD with Malena Calle. NTSC format. Color, 2002. Time 60 minutes. This video covers assembling the clarinet, parts of the instrument, the proper way to hold the clarinet, and tips on breathing, forming the embouchure, producing a sound and playing a one octave scale..It includes warming up, tonguing, vibrato, playing with support and proper tuning methods. The DVD includes the contents of both of the previously available VHS tapes plus the special features getting to know the instrument, interactive beginning music theory, and printable reference material.

DVD009: Working the Single Reed by David Bourque. BCL Enterprises, 2005, DVD. This DVD by David Bourque, a member of the Toronto Symphony for more than 20 years, is a "how to" video for adjusting commercial reeds. It will help you: fix unresponsive reeds, make more reeds play well, learn how to scrape a reed, learn where to scrape a reed. have more reed stability, no more waterlogged reeds, and adjust the Légère reed.