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CDs are listed by the last name of the clarinetist.  (Klezmer CDs are found on the Jazz CD page.)

Featured Item

Celebrating the Saxophone by Paul Lindemeyer.  Hearst Books, HB, 96 pages, 155 illustrations, full color. A colorful chronological guide of America's favorite wind instrument includes many illustrations and photos, mini profiles of famed musicians, and an informative text on the saxophone's role in music throughout the years and its influence on pop culture.  Order Now

Flute Music of Women Composers by Heidi M. Boenke. Greenwood Publishing Group, HB, For the flutist wishing to perform music composed by women, this annotated catalog will come as a most welcome addition to the numerous flute bibliographies now available. Boenke has spent four years gleaning all possible sources to come up with several hundred listings of composers from three centuries and 40 different countries. When the information is available, she lists publisher and the OCLC system record number after the routinely listed title and instrumentation. In addition to the alphabetical listing are indexes for instrumentation, title, publisher, and composer. Order Now

Guide to Teaching Woodwinds by Fred William Westphal. WCB/McGraw-Hill, PB, 344 pages. Written primarily for the college student who is preparing for instrumental teaching, although the woodwind teacher or player will find it useful also  Order Now
Teaching Woodwinds : A Method and Resource Handbook for Music Educators by William Dietz, Jerry Kirkbride (Editor), Hal Ott (Editor), Mark Weiger. Schirmer Books, PB (SB ?). Teaching Woodwinds is a general pedagogy text for woodwinds players and teachers. It gives an overview of basic instructional techniques with relevant musical examples; discusses    selection, care, and assembly of instruments; and supplies a complete bibliography of educational materials.  The book is organized in sections devoted to each of the primary woodwind instruments: bassoon (William Dietz), clarinet (Jerry Kirkbride), flute (Hal Ott), oboe (Mark Weiger), and saxophone (Craig Whittaker).  Order Now

General Music
Acoustical Foundations of Music, The by John Backus. W.W. Norton & Company, HB, 368 pages. A text on the acoustics of musical instruments for music majors and other interested musicians. Order Now
Computer Music : Synthesis, Composition, and Performance by Charles Dodge and Thomas A. Jerse. Schirmer Books, PB. The second edition (July 1997) of this comprehensive and non-platform specific introduction to making music with computers. Chapters include: Fundamentals of Computer Music, The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Music, Fundamentals of Digital Audio, Synthesis Fundamentals, Synthesis Using Distortion Techniques, Subtractive Synthesis, Analysis-Based Synthesis Techniques, Granular Synthesis, Physical Modeling, Reverberation, Auditory Localization, And Other Sound-Processing Techniques, Composition with Computers, and Real-Time Performance of Computer Music Order Now
Harmonic Practice in Tonal Music by Robert Gauldin. W.W. Norton & Company; HB, 1st edition. A concise yet comprehensive treatment of harmonic and voice-leading principles using tonal compositions from traditional, folk, popular,  jazz, rock, and classical repertories of the 17th-20th centuries. A text book liked by some that don't care for Total Harmony . . (near bottom of page) but hated by others. Click on "Order Now" to see the reviews at Amazon.com. Order Now
Harmony and Voice Leading/1 Volume Edition (Vols. 1 and 2) by Edward Aldwell and Carl Schachter. Hbj College & School Div, HB, 2nd edition, 624 pages. A standard text for college music theory classes. It  is based on the Shankerian principles of analysis. Order Now
Music Theory for Non-Music Majors by Peter Spencer. Prentice Hall, SB. This text/workbook is especially designed for students who are not necessarily planning to make a career out of music, but who wish to understand how most of the music they hear every day works. Order Now
Tonal Harmony With an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne. McGraw Hill, HB.  Another recommended college text which covers, in a single volume, all the topics typically taught in a two-year music theory course. Order Now

The Encyclopedia of Jazz by Leonard G. Feather. De Capo Press, PB, 527 pages. This book by the legendary jazz writer Leonard Feather traces jazz from its beginnings to 1959. It includes more than 2,000 biographies and 200 photos, as well as essays on the jazz tradition, major players and composers, the releationship between jazz and classical music, a social history of jazz in America, the jazzman as critic, and a grammer of jazz language that can serve as an ideal introduction to young listeners. Order Now
The Guide to Classic Recorded Jazz  by Tom Piazza. University of Iowa Press, PB, 391 pages. The author covers about 800 recordings, most of them made between 1920 and 1970. Although the heft of his book qualifies it as a reference work, Piazza never pretends to encyclopedic neutrality. On the contrary, he's a fiery advocate of the recordings he loves, and a chiding critic of those he doesn't.  Order Now
The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz edited by Barry Kernfeld. St. Martins Press, HB, 1358 pages. A truly monumental and comprehensive work, this landmark one-volume edition includes more than 4,500 articles, 1,800 discographies, 1,000 cross-references, 220 photographs, and 100 musical examples. It covers performers from Louis Armstrong to Joe Zawinul, terms and styles, festivals and instruments.  Order Now

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