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Oboe Books

Ob043: The Art of Cor Anglais, Third Edition by Geoffrey Browne. Sycamore Publishing, 2005, SS, 62 pages. This is primarily a book of cor anglais solos from the orchestral repertoire with performance notes. It also includes short sections on reeds, circular breathing, historical notes, notes for composers, and other subjects. This new edition has been revised, is 8 pages longer than the previous one, includes six additional excerpts, and covers the exam requirements of the Royal Academy of Music in London. Click on the cover image to view the Table of Contents. Use your browser's Back button to return.
Ob001: The Art of Oboe Playing by Robert Sprenkle and David Ledet. Summy-Birchard Inc., SS, 96 pages. The Art of Oboe Playing is an attempt to illuminate and to help solve some of the problems that confront oboists and their teachers. The subjects covered are the concept of learning, selecting and instrument, producing the tone, controlling the tone, problems of phrasing, problems of practice, the English horn, and fingering and trill fingering chart. The remainder of the book (45 pages) is a detailed and well illustrated guide to oboe reed making.
G131: Circular Breathing: a Method by Robert S. Spring. Windplayer Publications, 2006, SS, 31 pages. This book presents two alternative introductory methods of circular breathing. It also features exercises and advice from seven contributing experts for flute (Robert Dick), clarinet (Robert Spring), saxophone (Donald Lefevre), bassoon (Jeffrey Lyman), oboe (Martin Schuring), trumpet (Josef Burgstaller), and low brass (Samuel Pilafian), including recommended repertoire for each. Note:  We are out of this book. The publisher's website which we used for ordering is still there but not functioning.
Ob027: Commentary on Stefan Wolpe’s Sonata for Oboe and Piano by Josef Marx completed and edited by Patricia Spencer. Josef Marx Music, 1994, SS, 64 pages. This book contains Josef Marx's detailed and careful observations of editing discrepancies between the various copies of this work as well as comments on changes that were made during thirty years of rehearsals with the composer. Marx outlines many textual ambiguities that await the performer, showing where freedom and responsibility lie.
Ob156: The Eloquent Oboe, A History of the Hautboy from 1640 to 1760 by Bruce Haynes. Oxford University Press, 2001/2007, PB, 560 pages. This is a massive and well illustrated history of the hautboy, the Baroque oboe. Between 1640 and 1760 this instrument underwent dramatic changes in both function and physical form, and the majority of its solo and changer repertoire was composed. The author examines in detail the hautboy's structure, its players, makers, and composers, issues of performing style and period techniques, how and where the instrument was played, and who listened to it. Note: this is the new paperback edition of this book. We can order the HB edition if anyone wants it but it was over $200 last time we checked.
Ob011: The Embryonic Oboist by William T. Robinson, III. Ligature Publications, 2001, SB, 109 pages. Subtitled An Illustrated Guide for Beginning Oboe Players, this is a valuable book for woodwind method classes, band directors, and teenage and older beginners. As the subtitle indicates it is filled with photos and drawings to illustrate the text. Subjects include oboe key systems, reed preparation, embouchure formation, hand and finger positions, fundamental fingerings, oboe care and reed knife sharpening.
Ob008: Essays for Oboists by Jay Light. Alborada Publications, 1994, SB, 219 pages. The author, who writes with engaging style, addresses the topics: The First Few Lessons -- In the Beginning, Long Tones -- Milk for oboists: You Never Outgrow Your Need for It, Mind Games, Articulation -- Starting the Sounding and Keeping it Going, Dynamics, Musings on the Terms "Oboe Players, Musicians and Artists", Note Groupings - the Basic Structural Unit of Music, "How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Man, Practice!", Performance Tips -- Do's and Don'ts, Professionalism, Responsibility and Accountability, Vi-i-i-i-bra-a-a-a-to-o-o-o, The Rest of the Good News About Long Tones, Odds and Ends, Postscript -- A Downer; But With Hope.
Ob018: A Method for Adjusting the Oboe and English Horn by Carl J. Sawicki. 1986, SB, 40 pages. Because the mechanisms on the oboe and English horn are complex, a systematic method is required for regulation. This book provides step by step guidance for the adjustment process. It includes diagrams of the top and bottom joints of the oboe and English horn to assist in the process.
Ob013: Music for Oboe, 1650 to 1800 - A Bibliography by Bruce Haynes. Scarecrow Press, 1992, HB, 432 pages. The purpose of this book is to include every solo and chamber piece that was intended by its composer to be played on the oboe (with qualifications listed by the author).  It includes 10,515 pieces. Entries are listed by composer and categorized by instrumentation. Indexes include a list of entries by instrumentation, solos for hautecontre/oboe d'amore, pieces involving taille, and solos written between 1680-1710. The end matter also includes an extensive list of works consulted, libraries by country, and abbreviations used. This book does not appear to be available currently. Contact us if you are interested in it and we will check its status.
Ob074: The Oboe by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes. Yale University Press, 2004, PB, 432 pages. In this book two distinguished oboist-musicologists trace the history of the oboe from its earliest forms to the present time, discussing how and why the oboe evolved, what music was written for it and which players were prominent. A comprehensive, well-illustrated book, with extensive notes, bibliography, discography, and index.
Ob002: Oboe by Leon Goossens & Edwin Roxburgh. Kahn & Averill, London, PB, 238 pages. This book which was originally published in 1977 (and revised in 1980) is now available again in the US. This book combines the talent and experience of the legendary virtuoso, Edwin Goossens, and the contemporary composer/oboist Edwin Roxburgh. Part One covers the history of the oboe including the alto, tenor, bass oboe and the heckelphone. Part Two covers reeds and modern oboe technique. Part Three is on music including playing baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century music. The book concludes with a list of manufacturers, repertoire, finger charts, bibliography, and discography. Overstock! $4 off the regular price!
Ob006: Oboe A Reed Blown in the Wind by Marion Whittow. Puffit Publications, London, 1991, printing of 1999, PB, 236 pages. This book is a comprehensive guide to the oboe for students and amateurs but also contains information that may be of value to teachers and professionals. It includes many musical examples, photos, and diagrams and is packed with amusing illustrations. It covers technique, listening, practice, bad habits, physical hazards, performance, reeds (six chapters), how an oboe is made, language and vocabulary, reminders and tips, and more. 
Ob007: Oboe Pocket-Sized Problem Solver by Marion Whittow. Puffit Publications, London, SS, 32 pages. A handy book of tips for the oboe player.  The first two thirds of the book is in question and answer format covering topics such as intonation, wrist pain, tired lip, squawks, etc. The balance of the book covers embouchure, abdominal support, posture, breathing, reeds, buying an oboe and taking care of it. 
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Ob009: The Oboe Reed Book by Jay Light. Alborada Publications, 1983, SB, 117 pages. Detailed and well illustrated instructions in the reed making art. The chapters are Some Philosophy, A Whole Lot of Useful Information About Tools, Cane and Other Supplies, Knife Sharpening, Tying the Blank, Knife Technique, the Scrape, Shaping Your Own Cane When and How, Some Thoughts About English Horn Reeds, Trouble-Shooting Chart, and List of Dealers and Supplies.

Ob003: Oboe Reed Styles by David A. Ledet. Indiana University Press, Bloomington IN, 1981/2008, PB, 212 pages. This isn't a book which teaches the basics of reed making. Instead, the author has studied the reed making of 81 artists from 14 countries and presents his findings. Each reed has been photographed in direct light and silhouette to show the thickness and shape of the elements of the reed. The author also provides measurements of the reeds and a frequency distribution of these dimensions and identifies various national reed styles. Other subjects covered in the book are respiration, articulation, embouchure, the instrument, the acoustics of the room, and the listener. This book has recently been reprinted after being unavailable for several years.
Ob024: Oboe Technique by Evelyn Rothwell. Oxford University Press, Third Edition of 1982 reprinted in 2002, PB, 103 pages. This book is intended for those learning to play the oboe. Principle topics include the oboe, breath control, embouchure control, tongue control, finger control, reeds, and practice. Appendices cover the breathing muscles, the English horn, and a list of music.
Ob066: Oboe Unbound by Libby Van Cleve. Scarecrow Press, 2004, PB, 136 pages + CD. A useful addition to the oboist's references for extended technique. It provides a discussion of contemporary techniques (such as multiphonics, microtones, altered timbres, extended range, and many others) along with numerous musical examples and hundreds of fingerings. The fingering charts are extremely reliable, having been tested by a range of oboists with varying reed styles and instruments. A concluding chapter provides basic information about the use of electronics for amplification, recording, and sound enhancement. The book's appendices include a substantial bibliography of music and literature, a discography including jazz, non-western, and art music recordings, and a CD with examples of all the contemporary sounds as well as two previously unpublished compositions. With its wide range of detailed information, it is a thorough resource for oboists and composers.
Ob186: Oboemotions, What Every Oboe Player Needs to Know About the Body by Stephen Caplan. Gia Publications, 2009, SB, 168 pages. Oboemotions is the definitive volume on using Body Mapping technique to help oboists and other double-reed players prevent injury and develop the physical freedom and sensitivity needed for technical mastery. Part method book, picture book, anatomy book, and practice handbook, the purpose of Oboemotions is to place the musical and technical study of the oboe within the context of a precise understanding of the human body. It provides very specific details related to playing techniques used for all the instruments of the oboe family: cor anglais, oboe d’amore, musette, bass oboe, and heckelphone as well as various historical and ethnic relations. Oboemotions is both practical and fun to read, with case studies, agenda helpers, personal illustrations by the author, and Body Mapping practice sessions interspersed with detailed how-to material. Stephen Caplan is Professor of Oboe at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and serves as Principal Oboist of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. He is a certified Andover Educator after extensive private study with Barbara Conable, creator of Body Mapping.
WW008: Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe by Jacques-Martin Hotteterre translated, with introduction and notes by Paul Marshall Douglas. Dover, PB, 73 pages. The finest flutist of his time, Jacques-Martin Hotteterre (1680?-1760?) wrote this instruction book for the transverse flute, recorder and oboe. This work has considerable practical use today as well as its importance in the historical development of the flute. Most significantly it contains an extensive discussion of ornaments and embellishments of the period. Despite its importance it was not available in English prior the original publication of this translation in 1968.
Ob005: The Techniques of Oboe Playing by Peter Veale and Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf. Baerenreiter, Kassel, Germany, 1994, edition of 2001, 181 pages.  This book contains a CD of examples and the text is in English, German, and French. Heinz Holliger calls this book the "first truly well-grounded compendium of new techniques of oboe playing . . . "  Coverage includes detailed coverage of many types of multiphonics, special techniques (including oboe d'amore and cor anglais), compatibility of various makes of oboes with the techniques (and appropriate adjustments), track list of the CD, and appendix with techniques for other members of the oboe family. German title: Die Spieltechnik der Oboe.  French title: La technique du hautbois
WW179: The Woodwind Player's Cookbook edited by Charles West. Meredith Music, 2008, PB, 178 pages. Subtitled Creative Recipes for a Successful Performance, this valuable collection of quick-to-read yet deeply insightful strategies is like finding expert trade secrets all placed in one convenient source. With outstanding records of performance, workshop clinics, recordings, research, composition, leadership and teaching, the 57 authors provide their favorite “recipes” that range from overviews of successful programs to specific topics that will inspire all levels and types of ensembles and performers. Sample “recipes” include: Developing Facility on the Bass Clarinet (J. Lawrie Bloom), Breathing Demystified (Leone Buyse), Recipe for Preventing Play-Related Health Problems (William J. Dawson, M.D.), How Should I Test a Saxophone Mouthpiece? (Eugene Rousseau), and many more. Click on the cover image to view Table of Contents.  Use your browser's Back button to return.
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Oboe CDs


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CD157: Ready, Steady, Blow (Music for Beginner Oboists). Alex Birchall, Jenni Britton, Uchenna Ngwe and Julia White, oboes with Marcus Andrews and Philip Cornwell piano, and Amy Taylor percussion. Oboe Classics, 2004. This CD contains 33 short pieces for beginners and play along tracks for most of them. The music was taken from several readily available books which are listed in the accompanying booklet.
CD291: The Bach Family Circle. Geoffrey Burgess, baroque oboe with Ann Murphy harpsichord. Move Records, 1998. Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonata in G minor BWV 1035, Capriccio sopra la lontananza del suo fratello dilettissimo BWV 992, and Sonata in G minor BWV 1020. Georg Philipp Telemann Methodische Sonata No. 4, Continuation des Sonates Methodiques. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach "Hobo Solo" in G minor H 549.
CD072: Cooper & Marriner. Peter Cooper, oboe with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields conducted by Neville Marriner. Summit. David Mullinkin Oboe Concerto and Richard Strauss Oboe Concerto.
CD073: Whispers of the Past. Peter Cooper, oboe with Marcia Labella, harp. Summit, 2000. Fernando Sor La Romanesca, Marin Marais Three Old French Dances, Richard Strauss Wiegenlied, Jacques Ibert Entre'acte, J.S. Bach Siciliano, Paul R. Cooper Whispers of the Past, Gaetano Donizetti Sonata for Violin and Harp, Gabriel Fauré Berceuse and Pavanne, Maurice Ravel Piece en forme de Habanera, Maria Theresia von Paradis Sicilienne, Sergei Rachmaninoff Vocalise, and Jing Sha & Wang Xiao Sa Two Chinese Folk Songs.
CD024: Julie Ann Giacobassi English Horn & Oboe D'Amore. Julie Ann Giacobassi, English horn and oboe d'amore with members of the San Francisco Symphony and Stephen Thomas piano. Eric Ewazen Quintet for English Horn & Strings,  John Thow  Musica d'amore (oboe d'amore, viola d'amore & harp), John Marvin Music from the Night (2 oboes, English horn), Richard Felciano Dark Landscape (solo English horn), John Marvin Five Pieces for English horn & Piano.
CD025: Orchestral Excerpts for English Horn. Julie Ann Giacobassi, English horn. Summit. With spoken commentary by Ms Giacobassi who is the recently retired principal English Horn of the San Francisco Symphony. Bach Cantata No.1 and St. Matthew's Passion #60 & 65; Berlioz Rob Roy, Roman Carnival, and Symphonie Fantastique; Debussy La Mer and Nocturnes; De Falla Three-Cornered Hat; Dvorak Symphony No.9 (from the New World); Ravel Concerto in G, Ma Mere l'Oye and Rhapsodie Espagnol; Respighi Pines of Rome; Rodrigo Concerto de Aranjuez; Rossini William Tell Overture; Shostakovich Symphony No.8; Strauss Don Quixote and Ein Heldenleben; Stravinsky Le Sacre du Printemps; Verdi Un Ballo in Maschera; and Wagner Tristan und Isolde.
CD224: Music by Paul Hindemith. Rebecca Henderson oboe and English horn, Arthur Grossman basson, contrabasson and Heckelphone, Peter Mack piano, and Roxana Patterson viola. Centaur, 2001. Paul Hindemith: Sonata for Oboe and Piano, Sonata for English Horn and Piano, Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, Sonata for Contrabasson and Piano, and Trio for Viola, Heckelphone and Piano Op. 47.
CD280: Chamber Music for Winds and Strings by Mozart - Chicago Chamber Musicians. Michael Henoch oboe (and on other tracks Larry Combs clarinet and Gail Williams horn). Summit, 2006. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Horn Quintet in E-flat Major K. 407, Oboe Quartet in F Major K. 370, and Clarinet Quintet in A Major K. 581.
CD223: Carolyn Hove, English Horn and Oboe. Carolyn Hove English horn and oboe with Gloria Cheng piano. Crystal Records, 1996. Paul Hindemith Sonate für English Horn und Klavier, Esa-Pekka Salonen Second Meeting for Oboe and Piano, John Marvin Five Pieces for English Horn and Piano, Vincent Perischetti Parable for Solo English Horn (Parable XV, Op. 128), Elliot Carter Pastoral for English Horn and Piano, and Thomas Stevens Triangles IV.
CD246: Antonio Pasculli, Character Pieces and Fantasias. Yeon-Hee Kwak oboe and English horn with Chia Chou piano and Ursula Eisert harp. DG Scene, 2000. All the pieces on this CD are by Italian oboe virtuso Antonia Pasculli (1842-1924) and are for oboe and piano except where noted. Fantasy on Themes from Donizetti's "Poliuto," Etude Caractéristique ("Le Api"), Gran Concerto on Themes from Verdi's "I Vespri Siciliani," Ommagio a Bellini on Themes from "Il Pirata" and "La Sonnambula" for English horn and harp, Concerto on Themes from Donizetti's "La Favorita," and Ricordo di napoli.
CD262: Oboe Concertos by Händel & Förster. Lajos Lencsés oboe with Ensemble Instrumental La Follia conducted by Christophe Poiget. Hänssler Classic, 2005. George Frideric Handel Oboe Concerto in G minor (No.3) HWV 287,  Oboe Concerto in B flat major (No.2a) HWV 301, and  Oboe Concerto in B flat major (No.1), HWV 302a. Christoph Förster Oboe Concerto (ii) in C minor and Oboe Concerto in E flat major.
CD052: Romantic Masterworks. Lieurance Woodwind Quintet: Frances Shelly flute, Willa Henigman oboe, W. James Jones clarinet, Nicholas Smith horn, Nancy Lutes bassoon and Andrew Trechak piano. Summit, 1997. Carl Nielsen Quintet Op. 43, August Klughardt Quintet Op. 79, and Ludwig Thuille Sextet in B-flat Major Op. 6.
CD026: Gotham Ensemble Plays Ned Rorem. Humbert Lucarelli oboe with the Gotham Ensemble. This CD features four works by composer Ned Rorem, three that include clarinet and one with oboe. They are An Oboe Book (oboe and piano), End of Summer (Thomas Piercy clarinet with violin, and piano), Ariel (soprano, clarinet, piano), and Four Poems without Words (clarinet, double bass, and piano).
CD186: John Mack Oboe. John Mack with Eunice Podis piano. Crystal Records, 1990. Legendary oboist John Mack recorded these pieces for Telarc in 1977 and 1978. Robert Schumann Three Romances Op 94, Camille Saint-Saëns Sonate for Oboe and Piano Op. 166, Paul Hindemith Sonate for Oboe, Francis Poulenc Sonata for Oboe, Jacques Murgier Capriccio, Jose Berghmans Pavane, Robert Planel Serenade, and Henri Barraud Romance. We no longer carry this CD. You can order it here from Amazon.
CD071: Orchestral Excerpts for Oboe. John Mack. Summit, 1994. Key excerpts from the symphonic repertoire with spoken commentary. Bach Cantata No. 82, St. Matthew Passion, and Cantata No. 140; Beethoven Symphonies No. 3, No. 5, No. 6, No. 7 and No. 9; Brahms Symphonies No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3; Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4; Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherezade; Rossini Italian in Algiers, Schubert Symphony No. 9; Bartok Concerto for Orchestra, Debussy Le Mer; Mussorgsky Khovantchina; Ravel Le Tombeau de Couperin; and Shostakovich Symphony No. 5. 
CD257: Poulenc, The 5 Sonatas with Piano. Eli Eban clarinet, Régis Pasquier violin, Roland Pidoux cello, Michel Moraguès flute, François Meyer Oboe with Émile Naoumoff piano. All by Francis Poulenc Sonate for clarinet and piano, Sonate for flute and piano, Sonate for violin and piano, Sonate for violincello and piano, and Sonate for oboe and piano.
CD256: Marion Bauer: Orchestral and Chamber Works. Ambache Chamber Orchestra and Ensemble. Naxos, 2005. Music by Marion Bauer (1882-1955). She was Nadia Boulanger's first American student. In addition to composing, she was a critic and reviewer, wrote several books about music, and was on the music faculty of New York University for 25 years. This CD includes:A Lament on an African Theme Op. 20a (1927), Concertino for Oboe, Clarinet and Strings Op. 32b (1939-43, with Jeremy Polmear oboe and Eli Eban clarinet), Trio Sonata No. 1 for Flute, Cello and Piano Op. 40 (1944, with Jonathan Snowden flute, Judith Herbert cello and Diana Ambache piano), Symphonic Suite for Strings Op. 33 (1940), Duo for Oboe and Clarinet Op. 25 (1932, Jeremy Polmear oboe and Eli Eban clarinet), and American Youth Concerto Op. 36 (1943, Diana Ambache piano and orchestra).
CD261: The Music of Elliott Carter, Volume 5. Bridge, 2003. All compositions by Elliott Carter. Steep Steps Virgil Blackwell bass clarinet, Two Diversions Charles Rosen piano, Oboe Quartet Speculum Musicae with Stephen Taylor oboe, Figment No. 2 (Remembering Mr. Ives) Fred Sherry cello, Au Quai Maureen Gallager viola and Peter Kolkay bassoon, Of Challenge and of Love Tony Arnold soprano and Jacob Greenberg piano, Figment No. 1 Fred Sherry cello, Retrouvailles Charles Rosen piano, and Hiyoku Charles Neidich and Ayako Oshima clarinets.
CD041: Mozart: Clarinet Concerto / Oboe Concerto / Bassoon Concerto. Gerhard Turetschek, oboe with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Karl Böhm. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in C Major KV 314 (285d); Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A Major KV 622;  with Alfred Prinz, clarinet; and Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra in B-flat Major  KV 191 (186e) with Dietmar Zeman, Bassoon. We no longer carry this CD. You can order it from Amazon.
CD498: Classic Solos for Winds. Valerie Potter flute, Kevin Vigneau oboe, and Keith Lemmons clarinet with the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony conducted by Eric Rombach-Kendall. Summit Education, 2007. Georges Bizet arranged by François Borne Carmen Fantasy, Cécil Chaminade Concertino for Flute Op. 107, Frigyes Hidas Concerto No. 2 for Oboe, Henri Rabaud Solo de Concours for clarinet, Andre Messager Solo de Concours for clarinet, and Carl Maria von Weber Concertino for Clarinet Op. 26.
CD305: The Romantic Road. Mark Weiger, oboe with the Arthur Rowe piano. Crystal Records, 2001. Music from the Romantic period: late 1800s. Julius Röntgen Sonata No. 1, Martin Grabert Sonata in G minor Op. 52, Gustav Schreck Sonata Op. 13, Charles-Joseph Colin: 3ème Solo de Concert Op. 40, and Stanislas Verroust 4ème Solo de Concert Op. 77.

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